Something akin to gibberish

Ok gnight


My feet hurt hella

I gotta go back to school but I’d rather go back back to the past samurai jack

I fucking know who they are and I really don’t like them.

Someone at my school is using my mii for streetpass and I just streetpassed them and it’s really weird






のほも is such a good word?? the concept is kind of hard to fully get across in translation, but basically it means a feeling of pure, deep, platonic affection, and i think thats beautiful

I fucking spent an hour and a half in the bathroom showering shaving and draing my shitty sink. I stood there swirling a nasty toothbrush in the clogged water to create a stronger vacuum in the drain for half an hour

I still have like half an hour till I need to be at school and I think that’s rad