Something akin to gibberish




You motherfuckers ahahahahaha

now this is a persona 5 trailer

Oh!! Extended trailer already



Goku No Pico

Goku No Piccolo

skoogers said: ech

hehehe, now I’m just tryin to gross ya out

skoogers said: that still sounds gross.

i dont think i had the right ratio of cottage cheese to jam. And i’ll probably not mix it together so it doesnt end up looking like bloody pus

I don’t even think we have all the ingredients necessary for pound cake

chubsauce said: MAKE A POUND CAKE


besides it’s too late now, I dumped what was left down the sink

skoogers said: cottage cheese is not like greek yogurt bb

That mix of food existed before greek yogurt became popular doof. My mom used to eat it when she was a kid

chubsauce said: spread it on a pound cake

It wouldn’t really be good as a frosting, Terence. and I don’t just have pound cake lying around

so I got some cottage cheese and mixed it with some strawberry jam expecting it to taste good and sweet and kinda tangy but no, all I got was disappointment and half a bowl of this gross concoction.

And I don’t want to just dump it because that seems like a waste.


persona 5 is finally released for japan. some lucky americans import the game, excited to share the details before the official english translation is out. after the opening cutscene shown from the trailer, yu narukami takes off his black wig and glasses and takes the train back to inaba

I had a dream with a huge breakfast and fictional tv characters and a hunky naked dude it was really good